Innovation means to improve or to replace something like process, a product or a service. Innovation is also to apply new processes, introducing new techniques or establishing successful ideas to create new values. The education Department, Government of Gujarat has taken series of steps and policy measures to promote Innovation and Start-ups across academia in Gujarat. Gujarat is the only state which has Mandated dedicated 200 crore INR support system for creating Innovation and Student start-up culture across 174 plus universities and Institutes in the state. Our college has systematically tried to create an end-to-end innovation and Pre-incubation ecosystem with the Vision that creates an integrated, statewide, University based Innovation ecosystem to support Innovation and Ideas of Young Students. College has established SSIP Cell to create an environment for creativity to flourish and an end-to-end support system in our institute to allow ample support to ideas for better education. Education Department, Government of Gujarat has sanctioned Rs.10 Lakhs as a financial support to SSIP.

The foreseen vision and mission of SSIP Cell is: –


“To create an integrated, college-based innovation ecosystem to support innovation and creations of youth.”


“The objective of this program is to motivate innovation among students and provide them with more skills by creating an ecosystem at place to nurture the idea of young minds.”

We have created a committee consisting of experienced faculties to achieve vision and mission of the SSIP Cell. The list of committee members is given below:
Sr.No. Name of Committee Members Designation Contact No.
1 Dr. Amitkumar Sutaria Chair person 9427007344
2 Prof. Sheela Bhadani  Co-Ordinator Member Secretary 9898289496
3 Dr. Kishorbhai Vyas Startup Ecosystem Expert 9428608075
4 Dr. Rameshbhai Chauhan Member 9978846872
5 Dr. Dipalben patel Member 9277809519
6 Shree Dipakbhai Joshi Head clerk & Cashier 9824505460
7 Shree Mayurbhai Desai Industry Expert 9913227000
8 Shree Rakeshbhai Parekh C.A. (Finance Expert) 9825444699
9 Keyurbhai Bhatt Member (Alumni) 9879964470
10 Patel Nikhil Member (Student Sem. 6) 7600726082
Three students of this college have submitted their proposal on COGENT portal of Government of Gujarat under SSIP Cell. The details of three students are mentioned below:
Sr.No Semester/Roll  No Name
1 Alumni Vasava Nitin Rameshbhai
2 Alumni Hardik A Kapadiya
3 Sem-1/ Roll No.80 Vasava Haresh Bharatbhai
We have organized a webinar on 29th of January 2021 which covered the topic of “Opportunities for startup by entrepreneurs in India” extensively. It was presided over by Dr. Satya Ranjan Acharya, senior faculty of EDII. Along with the entire staff 475 students also participated in this webinar.